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1-to-1 Coaching for LeadersĀ 

The more experienced a leader, the less need for technical leadership skills. Genuine self-awareness is a leader's most important tool.

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Leadership Team Facilitation

Does your leadership team have a clear and shared understanding of strategy, genuine ability to handle conflicts, and the will to act as a united front?

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Lectures and
Key Notes

A lecture is as good as empty if it doesn't inspire the audience, evoke emotions, and initiate action.
The message must hit home.

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Strategy Retreats

AĀ leadership team operates at its best when it is focused and energized. The most effective off-site meetings include both strategy work and tools for mental andĀ physical well-being.


Equine-Assisted Coaching

Equine-assisted does not mean riding; it involves the presence of a horse in the coaching situation. The horse reflects things happening within us.

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Customized Programs

Team lead programs, team training, change projects, supporting growth... I provide both short coaching sessions and longer training programs tailored to your needs.