Equine-Assisted Leadership Development

Do you know what you communicate and how you lead?

Andas Equicoaching is a functional coaching approach where horses are involved in coaching situations.

It's not about riding and doesn't require handling horses – if you prefer, you don't even need to touch the horse. The horse's presence has an impact from a distance.

Equine-assisted coaching is a highly effective method in leadership development. 

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Horses can teach us a lot about leadership.

Spend a day with horses and see what insights you can gain about trust, authenticity, and connection.


Interaction with horses creates a permissive environment for self-reflection. Studies show that it eases anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress.

At the same time, it develops leadership and communication skills, increases self-awareness, and strengthens mindfulness and presence.

Equine-assisted exercises can be part of individual coaching or a leadership team program.

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The benefits of equine-assisted coaching are well-proven and significant.

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