1-to-1 Executive Coaching

Leadership is emotional work.

It requires the leader to confront others' emotions and support them, while at the same time regulate their own emotional reactions. Therefore, self-leadership is a crucial skill in the workplace, especially for leaders or supervisors, in knowledge work, under pressure, and in self-directed work environments.

Leader well-being is fundamental for the organizationā€™s ability to reach its goals. A leader must be able to guide one's mind, to focus and think clearly, and to make room for recovery.


Breathe. You have time.

CoachingĀ provides an opportunity to pause and focus on yourself - and look ahead..


Normal duration of a coaching process is six sessions (1.5 hours each). Coaching sessions are held 3-4 weeks apart, making the process last 4-6 months.

After six sessions, a follow-up process can be arranged according to the client's wishes.

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In coaching, it's essential that the coach feels right for you.

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